Monday, 17 October 2016

[PANN] 161015 I think Suga is really cool

I saw this on Twitter but seriously I am a fan of BTS but I just learned this today and I feel like a fool... I think he's a really cool person to create such thing in high school 
This is the original post written by Suga before his debut

[Instiz] 161017 Idols who are in their legendary days after dying their hair pink (WARNING: Your bias might be here)

[PANN] 161016 Clarifying the suspicions of BTS second album WINGS sajaegi

(Firstly) Explanation on Hanteo Chart System for people who don't know about Hanteo Chart system.

Brief Summary

1. The sales volume sent by affiliated stores (record stores) to Hanteo might be different from the actual point of sale at the record store. 
(If the affiliated store is busy on that day, they might send the total sales volume at once or they might send the data after their closing hour)

2. Hanteo adds all the sales volume sent by their affiliated stores and they revise and calculate this volume and update their chart every 20 minutes. 
(At times, they make mistake during their totaling process so a set of numbers might vanish or not be added to the total which results them adding these figures at the same time later)


The sale is counted real time (X)
ex) 5000 copies exploded (added to the chart) in just 30 minutes -> 5000 copies sold in 30 minutes (X)

Hanteo's concept is totaling the volume of sales they get in real time. That means, you can't say that the real time chart represents the real time sales volume. (O)

 Especially in the case of online stores, they don't send the sales record to Hanteo "at point of sale". They send the sales volume to Hanteo "at the point of release/delivery" so sales volume from various stores are transferred to Hanteo at once after "releasing the copies" -> only then Hanteo updates their chart.

It's usual to not be able to prove when the figures increase suddenly at once on weekdays when the online stores usually release/deliver their orders. 
They enter the figures at the same time so even the albums bought by individuals can increase the figures at once.
This happens on the first day when the stores receive high number of orders so from 10AM to 11PM the figures keep exploding continuously

[Article] 161017 [Culture Square] International press shows attention to "The next PSY", BTS

(you can watch the video here)

Sales of classic literature "Demian" has rapidly increased recently at bookstores.

It's an influence made by an idol group

Coincidentally, the group is also receiving attention from international press as "The next PSY". We went to meet the star group.

[PANN] 161016 Wow International ARMYs are making me really teary

I was looking through the comments under Blood Sweat & Tears music video and I saw an eye catching phrase so I read it [European ARMY just woke up. American ARMYs you can go to sleep we'll be keeping the work going. good job.] Many replied to this comment and said they were ARMYs from other countries and they'll be working together. Seriously I feel so bad and I got chills when I thought about I-ARMYs counting on K-ARMYs for streaming music... this is no joke seriously

Original post here
Response +184 -1

1. I think we should call them Internationalovlies (International + lovely) instead +23 -0

2. I think they are so much cooler than fansite masters who buy hundreds of albums to enter the fansign event only to put headbands on boys' heads and take photos. We're all from different countries but I believe that we have same mind and that we're on the same page. ARMYs all over the world, let's fighting everyone♡♡ +22 -1

3. We shouldn't be calling names and hating them. K-ARMYs should stream with effort ㅠㅠ I like international fans who try to help us by streaming like this rather than K-Armys who don't do anything +11 -0

4. I really think we could have lined up the charts with the songs from the album everyday if international fans could stream on melon ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +6 -1

5. wowㅜ I think I should be a fulltime BTS fan and part time ARMY fan.. how can they be so sweet! ♥  I should learn from them and stream harder ㅎㅎ +4 -0

6. BTS was the first (boygroup) to rank 62nd place on UK chart +4 -0

[PANN] 161016 Birth flower of groups according to their date of debut

Everyone knows their date of debut but I think it's rare to see someone interested in the birth flower. I really love flowers ㅠㅠ so I tried searching online and there were few familiar and unfamilar flowers. Try searching your birth flower too. It's quite fun ㅎㅎ

the order is according to the date!

BTOB (debut: March 21st)
Honey-Plant : Start of life

[PANN] 161015 How Min Yoongi treats Min Holly.jpg


Shocking confession
It's been said that Suga doesn't like puppies!

[PANN] 161015 Is BTS V close with Shinee Minho?

I was like why is Minho fidgeting so much when they're giving the winning speach ㅋㅋㅋ