Thursday, 7 July 2016

[PANN] 160706 BTS released a statement about the misogyny issue kekekeke

This is madness... This is something that could create a great damage to boy group's image but I was very surprised to see their feedback. I'm just a *Muggle (someone who is not a fan of idols) but even I couldn't tell the issue about that lyrics "Instead of holding designer bags, you hold my hand"? kekekeke.... 
Well done Bighit

Let me add something, Bighit and BTS didn't admit about misogyny. They apologized for any possible misunderstandings

+660 -83

[PANN] 160706 Ah, seriously Namjoon

(trans of Mot's tweet) Recently Namjoon asked me in serious tone about misogyny when we met privately so we talked about it for quite a long time. Namjoon confessed that he felt a sense of shame, sense of guilt for being caught up in this controversy and that it makes him painful and sleepless.